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Eat Me Up !!!

01. Name Katie but people call me katieloo
02. Age 17 and 3\4. (i have 18 days till im 18, woohoo!)
03. Location Sacramento California
04. Sign Aquarius
05. What are some of your hobbies? i play basketball. i like cooking and taking pictures. im in a photography class. i like to run and stay in shape. i have guinea pigs that i raise (15 of the little cuties) i go to guinea pig shows sometimes. im active in community service and a community service club at my school. i like to hang out and get dressed up to go out with my friends. we go to the movies, eat good food, and party hot

06. Top 5 Movies
1. Miss Congeniality
2. Anger Management
3. Drop Dead Fred
4. Love and Basketball
5. Mean Girls
07. Top 5 Bands/Singers
1. GreenDay
2. Sarah Mclauclan
3. The BloodHound Gang
4. ICP
5. Offspring
08. Foods Brocoli Beef chinese food or pepperoni pizza
09. Drinks Dr. Pepper or Diet Cherry Coke
10. TV Shows The simplsons or Gilmore Girls
11. Candy Snickers
12. Book Smack by Melvin Burgess

13. Chocolate ~or~ Vanilla Chocolate perferably dark
14. Caramel ~or~ Hot fudge Hot fudge
15. Sprinkles ~or~ Nuts nuts
16. Brownies ~or~ Cake Brownies
17. Cheesecake ~or~ Pie Coconut cream pie, yum!

18. What kind of desserts do you like most? i like a fine key lime pie, extra tart with a gallop of french vanilla cool whip on it
19. What are your favorite toppings? melted marmallows dripped chololate syrup and a handful of peanut butter m&m's
20. Post a picture of your favorite desserthttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v627/glidersboo/Christmas/ffaf6241.jpg
21. What do you think being "the dessert" means? it means being able to take care of yourself and be presentable. you can eat but u have to know when enough is enough. the dessert is something you would want to eat, u want to be. yum yum baby i could just eat u all up.
22. Make us laugh lovely. isnt that just so lovely!

Promote us to at least two places and show the actual links

Post at least 2, no more than 5, pictures of you, no nudity, we REALLY DONT want to see that

im the one on the left

it is me the 1st part of december
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